Our Facility

Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful supporters and donors, The Golden Key Center for Exceptional Children exists in a wonderful, conveniently located facility that we’ve been able to customize to the unique needs of our students and staff.

An ambitious Capital Campaign in 2012-13 allowed us to purchase our building and make necessary renovations to suit the specific needs of our students and staff. Now the building is all ours, and everybody loves it!

Our building consists of over a dozen roomy classrooms and therapy rooms, a wonderfully large gym and common area in which we can gather all of the children, a specially-equipped and staffed nurses’ station, cafeteria, sensory room, an outdoor playground and plenty of room to accommodate the students enrolled here who need special attention due to medical or behavioral health issues.

We are located at 1431 30th Street NW, just east of Cleveland Ave., NW. We’re always happy to provide tours for interested parents, guardians or school professionals looking for a wonderful, healthy and supportive environment for their children. Just give us a call and we’ll schedule a time for you to come visit and see everything we have to offer!

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