Get Involved

Volunteers are always welcome to get involved!

Currently we have a volunteer who has spearheaded a campaign to collect box tops and Campbell’s soup labels. This has generated additional toys and materials to use in the classrooms!  Karen Perry has been a longtime volunteer providing such a beneficial service!

Another current volunteer, Deb, comes in weekly with her therapy dogs.  Deb, along with Brutus or Rocky visit the classes, encouraging the students to touch, lead, give directions and generally become comfortable with the dogs.  Our kids are always excited to see Deb and her dogs come.  She has recently initiated a “relaxation time” using the dogs to model calming techniques.

Other volunteer positions have been assisting at lunch time, planning and assisting with special events, cleaning sessions, collecting materials, and rocking babies!  We have also benefited from special work days from area organizations and donations from area individuals and groups.

If you, your organization, church, or group is interested in volunteering or donations, please give us a call or complete the contact form and we will get back to you soon.

We truly believe our students are enhanced with our volunteers and guarantee that your time will also be enriched!