Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

ABA is effective in reducing disruptive behaviors, as well as effective in teaching commonly deficient skills.  The Golden Key’s belief is that all children have the right to an individually designed program, with early, intensive and planned intervention. The ABA methodology and Discrete Trial Teaching as the teaching method provides that systematic and successful approach.

The primary instructional methods in the preschool programming for special needs services is Discrete Trial Teaching. It is the teaching process used to develop most skills, including cognitive, communication, play, social and self-help skills.



Relationship Development Intervention

RDI® is a family centered treatment program. The bulk of the treatment resources are invested in preparing the parents to act as guides, creating daily opportunities for their child to succeed in increasingly challenging settings.

The RDI® program is designed to find a way for each child with ASD, despite age, ability, or vulnerability, to have a second chance at mastering the foundational abilities and developmental building blocks to later competence.