School District Information

We believe extraordinary progress has been made toward including students with disabilities in public school districts. At Golden Key, we believe every child can learn. We believe every child can learn the successful behaviors necessary for growth and achievement. Frequently, public school teachers and administrators are faced with challenges that threaten a student’s ability to receive appropriate education in existing settings. We structure Individualized Education Programs, designed specifically for each student, that serve as an important resource in meeting a student’s specific needs. We’re also uniquely qualified to provide behavioral consultation for students and believe parents play a key role in shaping a student’s educational progress. We’re unique in that while we specialize in children with special needs, all children, regardless of disability, are welcome to attend Golden Key.

For your students to be successfully included in traditional school settings, skillful collaboration and partnership with Golden Key can become essential. Our specific services, geared exclusively for children with disabilities, can become a powerful resource for your students’ success. We believe our powerful methods, combined with tremendous affection and respect for our students, leads to an improved quality of life for students and their families.