Licensed Educators

All of our specialists have the minimum requirement of a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Development or Special Education with a minimum of two years experience as a teacher. They are fully-trained in CPR, communicable diseases, child abuse and universal precautions.

Intervention Specialists

The Intervention Specialist provides and oversees the educational programs for students in the Specialized Services at the Center. Another key role of the Intervention Specialist is providing advice to teachers, administrators and support staff on the student’s educational, behavioral and social functioning. They provide training in the use of educational materials and techniques. Intervention Specialists comply with local, state and national standards, with current licensing by the Ohio Department of Education.

Educational Specialist

The educational specialist is a licensed educator with a degree in Early Childhood, Elementary Education, and or certification in Special Education or Specialized Services.  Their qualifications include completion of higher education standards.  These individuals serve many purposes, from lead teachers to educational tutors.