Welcome March!

I, for one, am glad to see the month of Feb leave.  The weather has been so difficult!  I know March may not be any better, but at least we are closer to Spring.  It’s such a difficult decision to make on closing services. For those working parents, I do try to keep the childcare portion of the center open, but I did close the entire center one time this year. The specialized services require a different thought process.  All of our families must transport and some come from farther away, so if the roads are bad, they do not send those students. Also some of our staff do not live in the area, and travel is difficult for them.  It really is a no win situation, so I am very glad when we move away from those winter months! Thank goodness it’s only a few months we deal with!

Remember that closings are announced online at WHBC.com under the school closings. Remember to look for The Golden Key. Also, we do not close when Canton City closes, so look for our own name.

Happy March!!- let’s  just ignore that lion-lamb thing!